Alternative Investments

FISN, a Division of Landolt Securities, Inc. is proud to offer a diverse variety of Alternative Investments for our clients, including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT's), Business Development Corporations (BDC's), Oil and Gas Partnerships and a variety of other options. Alternative Investments can provide diversification among asset classes and for suitable investors, be an excellent tool for adding non-correlated assets into your portfolio.

Alternative Investments can often be held in both qualified and non-qualified accounts including many retirement and taxable investment accounts. However, it is important to note that Alternative Investments carry a significantly higher level of risk compared to more traditional securities.

Alternative Investments are typically illiquid and subject to additional investment risks such as political and economic factors, as well as many other risk factors. They also tend to have higher fees and can have complex organizational structures that require a thorough examination of the offering documents. Be sure to fully examine them before investing. Alternative Investments should only be considered for a small portion of an investors speculative portfolio.

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