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Landolt Securities, Inc. is the brokerage firm for the FISN Division. All securities transactions are processed by this full service broker dealer. Landolt Securities, Inc. employs a nationwide correspondent or "back office" firm to execute trades and to hold cash and securities positions. Accounts are carried by National Financial Services LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC.  National Financial Services (NFS) is a Boston based, Fidelity Investments® company and a nationwide leader in securities administration.

  • Click here to review the Financial Statements of National Financial Services LLC.

For additional information about SIPC coverage and the correspondent back office firm for Landolt Securities, Inc. please check below:

  • Click here to review the SIPC Coverage Statement.

The FISN Division of Landolt Securities, Inc. has an agreement with National Financial Services LLC (NFS) in which NFS will provide trade execution, clearing and other related services for your account.

  • Statement of Responsibilities. This document explains the roles and responsibilities of the FISN Division and NFS with respect to the functions each performs for your brokerage account. 

Click here to review the Statement of Responsibilities  

  • NFS Privacy Policy. NFS and the FISN Division of Landolt Securities, Inc. are proud of their privacy and confidentiality practices. As custodian of your brokerage account, NFS has enclosed its privacy policy describing its practices pertaining to the privacy of your personal information.

    Click here  to review the NFS Privacy Policy and other important NFS notices. 

  • NFS Business Continuity Statement. In connection with the services provided, NFS is required to communicate its position on its business continuity practices. NFS has an extensive plan in place to safeguard your assets and protect vital account information in the event of a business disruption.

    Click here to review the NFS Business Continuity Statement.